My ESC project in Bulgaria

Hello, I am Daniele, I am 22 years old, and at the end of July 2022, I will end my 12-month ESC experience. Even though it will be difficult to enclose all the strong emotions and experiences of the previous year in a few paragraphs, I decided to divide my …

Chat Club – 3 Tips about Public Speaking

Hi guys!

The last Monday, on 31st of January, we delivered another chatclub about public speaking, and it was a success!

We had to understand the basic knowledge of public speaking all together through an interactive presentation, and after that, we had some games which involved the participants some more, encouraging them to speak in front of the people and put into practice what they just learned.

At the end of the activities, people were enthusiastic, and yet we believe that the next events are going to improve always more!

So, if you have not come yet, make sure to come here next Monday, to our Office in Ivan Mihailov street n°2, at 19:30.

See you soon!

Cleaning Blagoevgrad

Yesterday, On Sunday 28th November, together with people from another association Maxime, Hauke, Paula and me cleaned a big area in Blagoevgrad from any type of garbage.

We divided the recyclable garbage and all the rest into two types of bags of different colors, and then we put the trash bags together, near the collection point.

It was funny, given the people that joined the activity, but I got a bit angry as well. 

By doing this type of activity you really start to understand the amount of garbage that surrounds us, and you start asking yourself why. Why are we so careless of the environment? And of the community that we live in?

But, I am hopeful for the future because, if we lose hope, things are not going to get better anytime soon in the future.


From Verona to Blagoevgrad

31/07/2021 – 01/08/2021

Hi, I am Daniele, I come from Verona and I left for Blagoevgrad on 31th of July. 

First of all, my dad brought me to the Milan (Bergamo) Airport, after 2 hours by car, where I did my first Check-In, my first control at the gate, and my first departure with the airplane completely alone. I was excited, but a little bit scared as well.

A kind Lady near my chair saw me and we started talking about the reason why we are leaving Italy and I discovered that this lady is Bulgarian. Knowing that I would have gone to Blagoevgrad, she explained some interesting things about the place, especially about Bulgarian people. When we arrived in Sofia, she decided to help me find a Taxi that could bring me to the hotel, without risking being overcharged by anyone.

The taxi driver was pretty silent all the time, but when we arrived, he asked me for an honest amount of money (25 leva) and I finally calmed down, but just until I discovered I was in the wrong hotel. In fact, the hotel said to me that I had to take my suitcase and go to another hotel that was 5 minutes away from there.

There were not many lights around there, and I must confess that I was a little scared by the situation, but I arrived at the correct destination and finally, I had some rest.

The next morning, I visited the city center, took a coffee with a croissant at the bar, until I went to the Central Bus Station and took a ticket for Blagoevgrad.

I had many difficulties communicating with Bulgarian people during my journey, but in the end, I reached Blagoevgrad, in which I found a temperature of 40°degrees. Besides this, I was happy to have arrived here, in my new home.