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Harry Potter Night

On the 18th of July, we, the new volunteers Valentin and Lena, had the pleasure to participate in our first-ever Chat Club along with Alexia and Miguel – a truly magical experience!

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Portuguese Night

On 23rd of May, I organized an intercultural night on Chat Club about Portugal. I wanted to organize this event since a long time ago as I have always grown in this culture. And I had the feeling that people living in Bulgaria didn’t know a lot about Portugal. This was the perfect occasion to make them discover this country and its customs, which I am really proud !

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RAYSE (Raising Awareness of Youth Europeans of Second Generation With Migration Background)

On 9th of May 2019, in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria,  we participated in a project called RAYSE that is funded by Erasmus+ Program of the EU. The aim of the project was to investigate and tackle the phenomena limited participation to the active life in 6 different countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands and Greece), where partners will collect stories and feelings by the direct voice of the second generation youth with non-EU migration background.

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Spanish Language Night

On the 21th February I had the pleasure of presenting the Spanish Language Night in Chat Club with another volunteer called Mario! We didn’t simply explain the history about our country, rather, it was about our native language.

I told them some of the differences between the Spanish language from Spain and from Latin America. Due to linguistic differences, there are some expressions that we should avoid in other countries because it could lead to misunderstandings or offence.

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Erasmus+ Volunteering On-arrival Training

We arrived to Sofia on Monday, 10th December for our on arrival training. After we put our luggage in our rooms, we went to conference room to meet other volunteers from all over Bulgaria. Trainers started our weekly activities with the plan for us to getting to know each other. Most of our daily activities were connected with information about volunteering and our rights as one, playing games, and summarising our impressions about everything that happened that day.

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Serbian Night

This Thursday on 6th December, as part of the CHAT CLUB, we hosted an event named Serbian Night. Jovana and I prepared the presentation, to go along with traditional Serbian dancing and food. We had a lot of guests, most of them were volunteers, and the rest was locals. The presentation started with some basic information about our country, followed by with some history lessons. If they ever come to Serbia, we learned them some words that will help them communicate easier.

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English classes

When we arrived at Blagoevgrad, one of our first tasks to do as part of the organisation was to organize English lessons for high school kids. We went to National Humanitarian School “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” to speak with the headmaster if he would be interested in our suggestion. He was very interested and very helpful, and he even gave us one of the classrooms to work in. Next week we went to a couple of classrooms to speak with the kids, and to see if they would be interested in joining our classes. A lot of kids from different ages signed up for the classes, so we were ready to go!

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