My personal project

My personal project

Hi guys! I wanted to present you my personal project today!

For my personal project, I decided to create a touristic guide on Bulgaria. I have a strong taste in traveling and discovering new countries or cultures. When I travel, it is important for me to discover the culture of the local population of a country via food, visiting museums, attending festivals if the occasion presents itself, and by learning about its history. It is something I am very invested in because I am a curious person and I practically nourish myself by learning and making new experiences. This knowledge wants me to share it with others to help them see the country visited differently and not only by the surface.

With my family, I discuss a lot about traveling, and visiting countries from different continents, but I think the Eastern countries are far more underestimated by all the people I know. Which made me want to discover them even more. My first eastern country was Poland when I was in high school. I didn’t have much expectation since we never talk about those countries but the communist part.

So, I was excited to discover it, because it was a completely new country for me. And what a delight! So many things to see, but so little time! Between the medieval city, the old city preserved like treasure, and luxurious nature, I was thrilled! Therefore, six years later, I brought my parents there! At first a little on their guard, when they discovered the beauty of the country they just fell in love! Therefore, when I was recruited to go to Bulgaria, I was excited!

On site, I was literally feeling at home. Strange to say but, it is true. I start to make research on the best site in the country and here came the idea of making a touristic about Bulgaria, not only the capital but the whole country and its hidden treasure. There are a lot of things to see here and unfortunately, I can’t see all of them.

With my experience and diploma in Tourism, I have everything in my hand to create a touristic guide from what I saw and experienced here. I wrote it in English and translated it into French, my mother tongue, so I can share it with more people around me. I really hope that my book will encourage others to come here and discover this amazing country with a strong history and culture.

It took me five months to write, and now I am just waiting to receive it! I hope it will arrive before my departure, but we will see! I am so proud to have written this book, even if it is not that much, I am more than excited to present it and to say that it is officially completed! I will leave a copy here at the Association so if anyone wants to read it, feel free to, I would love it very much.

Annelyne <3

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