Social Entreperneurship Game

Social Entreperneurship Game

Hello everyone!

Today I will explain to you our new project: Social Entrepreneurship.

In June, we had a presentation by Daniele about what is a social enterprise, how to become one in Bulgaria, and what are the different categories according to Bulgarian law. Then we had to implement the project in an entertaining way of learning for the young.

So, we decided to transform it into a new version of Monopoly! It seemed fun but then we had to put ourselves to work!

During an entire week, I worked to create a board inspired by a Monopoly game and created play cards, and special cards. Then together, for two other weeks, we recreated the rules to adapt them for our game. We played it to see what adjustments were necessary, if we needed to make it easier or harder but, in the end, after 4 tests, the game was finally ready to be played!

We just had to wait for our board to be printed, and we start to make groups so the game would be more enjoyable and fun!

We organized four game nights where we presented the basics of Social Entrepreneurship to the participants and then we explained the game! Each of them needed to choose an aim between environment, social, education, cultural heritage, human rights, health, and animal defense.

The goal of each participant was to become a Class A+ first to win the game! They needed to be careful about their budget, manage their employees, and invest in different projects.

Every participant had a lot of fun, such as us, and we were very happy to propose a project like this.

Thank you to all the participants, it has been so great to play with all of you! And thank you to EUni Partners Association for all the support she gave us!


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