CleanUp Activity in the area next to the River in Blagoevgrad

CleanUp Activity in the area next to the River in Blagoevgrad

Hi, I am Daniele, and I am a 22-years old volunteer at the Association Euni Partners.

Among all the projects I participated in this year, I had to create a Personal Project, and I decided that it could have represented my commitment to fighting against climate change. So, I realized that a CleanUp activity was the most suitable activity for me. 

Firstly, a date, time, and place were established. Then, I made a list of the items to buy, like biological juices and food, biodegradable trash bags, disinfectant, gloves, and a Reward to give to the participants at the end of the activity. 

Secondly, once I bought the items, I prepared an article to publish on social media. Then, the day before, I prepared some homemade sliced pizza and the plants for the participants.

The activity was held on the morning of the 25th of June, and started at 9:30 am in front of the Youth House in Blagoevgrad. We gathered all the participants at that time, and, with the help of the other volunteers, we explained in detail what we were going to do, and we gave gloves and trash bags to all of them. 

The CleanUp started officially at 10 am, was carried out by 11 people, and endured until 12:00. For 2 hours the participants cleaned most part of the area close to the river in the central part of Blagoevgrad, gathering a lot of garbage, and heavy materials. Then, after 12 we prepared a folding table next to the river with food and beverages on it for the participant, and after that, one plant for each person was distributed as a reward for the job.

The activity ended at around 13:00 after all the trash bags were brought to a suitable place in order for the municipality to take care of them. In the end, the activity was fully appreciated by all the participants.

People are often discouraged to act because they don’t believe they can make a difference. So, gathering people together to do something concrete like this can allow you to see how tangible the results of your actions can be.

Thanks to Association Euni Partners, the ESC program which made this activity possible, and thanks to all the people who participated in this project, hope to see you in the next one!


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