First-Aid-Project/ Personal project – Second Lecture

First-Aid-Project/ Personal project – Second Lecture

After the first lecture a week before, I now held the second lecture at the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth on the 10th of May. This time I talked with the students about different closed wounds, which are wounds where the skin remains intact and the tissue underneath is not exposed, examples are contusions, sprains or bone fractures. I´ve started to speak about the symptoms on which you can detect these wounds and how to distinguish them since the transitions of these wounds can be very smooth. The most important part then was obviously the measures that can be taken to help people with these types of wounds. I first showed them a few general measures, which can be used nearly every time and went then more in detail when I spoke about the different wounds. In total, I spoke about contusions, sprains, pulled muscles, dislocations, fractures and also more specific cases of these wounds. Like the last time, I also showed them some of the measures with training materials to make it more visual for them. In the end, I summarized for the students the most important parts of the lecture and what they should take with them afterwards.

Like the first one, this second lecture was again a success. In general, I can say now about my personal project, this First-Aid-Project, that it was really worth it to implement it in the way I did. As it was my aim for the project, I was able to explain to these young people the necessity of first aid and why it is so important for all of us. Since they already knew something about first Aid I was furthermore able to speak about more specific topics and show them a bit more advanced measures than I would be able with young people with no knowledge about first Aid. I also realised again how important first Aid really is, for all of us but mostly for the society we live in. I think that it is very important to bring this topic close to more people because the more people we will have with knowledge about first aid, the more cooperative, helpful and considerate our society becomes.


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