First-Aid-Project/ Personal project – First Lecture

First-Aid-Project/ Personal project – First Lecture

Yesterday on the 3rd of May I was holding my first lecture at the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth. This lecture was part of my personal project during my “Volunteering 4 Solidarity” project funded by the European Solidarity Corps here at the Association Eunipartners. The aim of my First-Aid-Project, is to explain to young people the necessity of first Aid and what exactly they can do to help people, who need it. The idea of the project came to me from my own experience in the First-Aid-project called “School Medical Service” in my school in Germany. There we learned from a Red Cross teacher about First-Aid, helped students in our school and participated in the yearly competition of the schools.

Yesterday I was then holding the first lecture for young people, who are already at the Bulgarian Red Cross youth and through this already had some knowledge and experience in First Aid. The topic for this first lecture was “Everything about wound care”. I presented to them the main principles of wound care, which are always important to follow and then moved on to the different classifications and types of wounds. After I explained to them where this distinction is coming from, I focused more on specific injuries and how we can treat them best. The focus laid here on heavy bleeding, wounds on specific body parts or in general wounds that require a specific type of bandage. I also talked briefly about wounds, that on first sight seem different from normal wounds like burns, frostbites or chemical wounds, but still require similar treatment. To better visualise the different treatments for the different wounds I furthermore used training material for showing the different bandages for each wound while presenting. In addition to the lecture, I added a bit of time for practice at the end where they could try out the different bandages I had shown on their own.

All in all the first lecture was a success, I was able to teach the young people a few new things and repeat some of the things they had already known. Also for me, it was a good experience to speak again with young people about this very important topic and I am looking forward to my second lecture next week.


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