Escape room

Escape room

Hello everyone, I am writing this article about our project regarding the creation of an Escape room within the europe for Citizens project REscEU: What would be Europe without EU.

We started its creation in September 2021 but unfortunately with the Covid-19 we had to put it on hold.

Few months later we received an amazing news that we can start the implementation of the escape room.

The Escape room started on the 11th of April. For 3 days in the Language School: Academic Lyudmil Stoyanov we had the chance to present and involve many students in what we had created.

We were so excited to do it because it’s one of the biggest projects we created up to now.

During these 3 days 15 teams went through the game. Each team’s aim was to be the fastest team.

Now I will explain the course of the game:

Before starting the game we invited each team to fill in a participants list and then I explained their main aim, which was to answer one question: “What would be the life without the EU?”. Participants were introduced also to the rules of the game and they received badges and money for the game because yes, if they need help they can use this money to “pay” for a clue.

There were two rooms in the game. When they entered the first room with our first game master Hauke the timer was launched. To begin the game, we would play a video to explain the scenario.

Inside the first room the theme was Geography, Cultural diversity, and Democracy.

Between the two rooms we had a boarder named “Free movement”. It was a border between Bulgaria and Brussels where the participants needed to get a Visa to go to the second room (Brussels council of the European Commision). The game master for this part was me.

After successfully crossing the boarder of the “”Free Movement” they arrived in the second room (in Brussels) with the third game master Daniele. The main theme was Environment.

On Friday we went back to the school to give the prices for the winning team: Tote bag (reusable bag), a notebook, a pen and a mug.

After this event we were all happy because the students enjoyed the game!It was a pleasure to meet the students and also to make this game because we learnt a lot of things on how to create this game and how to manage it.

We want to thank all of the teams who played the game and also the Head Master of the school to giving us this chance, and to Maria Stoyanova for the support in the organization.


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