How travel impact your brain? Chatclub

How travel impact your brain? Chatclub

Hello everyone today I will explain how my chat club went.

In the beginning, I introduced my topic about the brain in general, to give the audience the knowledge of how your brain works (Very quickly) because it’s a complicated subject.

I explained the role of the Lobes in your brain (their aim and where they are in your brain). Then I explained that we have different types of memories (Episodic memory, semantic memory, working memory, long term memory, procedural memory)

and to finish the first part I’ve shown them the research of scientists who believed that genetics determined intellect and ended with the question ” How can you improve your brain function?”

My second part was about traveling.

I gave several benefits of travel with a concrete example for each one and afterward, I’ve shown a video of a Psychologist explaining how traveling changes your personality.

In concluding my chat club I did a quiz to know if the people understood this complicated subject.

For me, It was a really good opportunity to improve my presentation skills in front of people and my pronunciation. I was a little bit nervous because I was used to doing it in French but not in English.

I’m really happy about my feedback and I loved explaining this subject to people.

I am thankful for all of the people, who came to my event.


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