Chat Club: Let´s talk about our History

Chat Club: Let´s talk about our History

On the 7th of February, I was holding my first Chatclub alone. I wanted to talk about one of my biggest passions: History. More precisely I tried to explain to the audience why History is so important, why we need to learn from our past and how we should remember our History. I started with a small presentation of my main reasons for the importance of History. Which are first the fact that History lies in everything we create and already created, secondly the circumstance that we can explain current situations with the History behind it, thirdly History is teaching us a lot about our basic characteristics as humans, fourthly the reality that History is repeating itself and connected with that fifthly our duty to learn from our History.

After that, I opened up the conversation to the audience about the question of how we should remember our History. We spoke about how History-lessons and the memory of History are in all countries different and agreed that we need to remember our past to learn from it. With that I lead to the second more fun part of the Chatclub: a History-Quiz. I had prepared a few questions with some fun and not so fun facts about the History of multiple countries. As expected, some questions were a bit difficult, so it developed sometimes to just guessing. Still, it was a lot of fun and the winner received a small reward of chocolate, which they shared with everyone.

For me, it was a very encouraging experience. Even though I was pretty nervous before the start, I really enjoyed it to speak with the people about something I am really loving. I am thankful for all of the people, who came to the event and for their support. I am looking forward to the next events!


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