A Christmas ChatClub

A Christmas ChatClub

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go… – not really, no snow, but at least there are Christmas decoration everywhere. That’s why I decided to bring everyone together for a ChatClub with a Christmas theme to get us in the mood for the holidays.
An important childhood memory of mine is decorating cookies in December. You use simple butter cookies with different shapes and colorful sugar paste with sprinkles and etc. to decorate the cookies.
I baked, with the important help of Hauke and Maxime, the cookies in the afternoon and then brought them to a Cafe where we met the others. We had high ambitions for the cookies, we tried our best to decorate butterflies, dinosaurs, hearts and flowers. A lot of them turned out really nice, others had to be eaten directly before anyone could take a picture. Afterwards, you should expect a sugar shock, at least I had one for sure.
I hope everyone had a good time and got to know and experience a little bit of the German Christmas traditions.
Take a look at the pictures and the creative outcomes down below.
Thanks for coming and eating all the cookies,

hot chocolate (or beer) and Christmas cookies
sugar paste in the making

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