Halloween party

Halloween party

On Halloween, Eunipartners and the Red Cross Bulgaria hosted a collective “night reading event” event at Stage Bar. For this occasion, me and Valentin each prepared a scary story to tell. And, of course, a Halloween costume!

The day before Halloween our boss Ilina brought lots of costumes to the office. We had so much fun trying on devil’s horns, princess dresses, scary masks, and whatever costumes and probs Ilina’s collection had to offer. In the end, I decided to go as a witch while Val opted for an extremely scary serial killer outfit. We were ready to rock Stage Bar!

When the day finally came, we put on our costumes, practiced our stories one last time and went on our way to the bar, where we met the others. After some time spent socializing the first event of the evening started – a costume contest! Since the event was all about reading, the costumes were supposed to be inspired by literary characters. We had a good time presenting our costumes to the audience and got to admire others dressed as Red Riding Hood, the Joker, and even Kermit the Frog. Afterwards, it was time for Valentin and me to present our Horror Stories. At first it was It was an unusual situation to stand in front of the entire bar to tell our stories, but once we overcame our initial nervousness (at last on my part with the help of a large gin tonic), it was a lot of fun – and our horror stories seemed to spook the audience quite a bit. After our performance, we received so much kind feedback and even a prize!

The last part of the evening consisted of a quiz about movies. Our team was called “totally lost” and we surely lived up to that name! Even though we wildly guessed on almost all of the questions, we somehow qualified throughout the three rounds of the quiz and almost won. And even if it was not enough for the final victory in the end, we had an amazing time as a team! I will for sure always remember this night as it was an opportunity for us to grow closer and, of course, as being a lot of fun!


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