Let’s Clean Bulgaria Together!

Let’s Clean Bulgaria Together!

On the 14th of september, I organised a cleaning event as a part of the national event “Let’s clean Bulgaria Together“. In this way I invited people to join me to clean the Bistritsza river around the bridge next to the Macedonian place.

To prepare it, I had to do two things. First I had to create an event on the website of the bTV media group and speak about it during our previous events. Then, I had to go to the municipality to take the needed material. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of people during our previous events and that was a sign for the day of the event…

Indeed, on the day of the event, I’m surprised to find only two other people at the meeting point: Lena and Nik, another volunteer from the organization ABS. Nevermind how many we are! Let’s clean this dirty place! Still motivated, we went to the place to clean with our 20 trash bags and begun to remove every garbage we could find. We expected to go forward but the place was so dirty that we just stayed in the same place during 1 hour!

Finally, we successfully went forward and began to clean in the river. Here, we were surprised to find a lot of unusual things such as toys, clothes, bags, hats, card games… In the end, we cleaned for around 3 hours and filled 9 bags of 130 liters. Even if we know that it’s just a little area we are glad that only three of us remove so much garbage in one day. However, this kind of event should not forget us that the main garbage doesn’t come directly from the citizens. That means that aside these actions, we should also think about a way to reduce garbage from industries.

Anyway, cleaning days as these one are still a necessary and interesting step to make the planet a bit cleaner. We weren’t a lot but we are happy that we did our part!

See you soon in another event to make our planet a better place to live 😉


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