Trip to Plovdiv

Trip to Plovdiv

When asking for suggestions on what to visit in Bulgaria, one city is always recommended – Plovdiv. This town in the south of the country offers traditional Bulgarian architecture as well as Roman ruins and as many as six hills to climb! Additionally, Plovdiv is European Capital of Culture this year – Sounds amazing, right?

On the morning of the 10th of August, I started my journey to Plovdiv to experience the supposed beauty of the city myself. On my way, I was accompanied by my friends and, of course, very high expectations. Would the city really be as breathtaking as I was told? Well, Plovdiv surely didn’t disappoint me!

As soon as we arrived, I noticed the beautiful buildings, squared and gardens surrounding us. We decided to take a free walking tour to get to know the city better and to do some sightseeing on our own in the afternoon. On our tour we discovered plenty of beautiful sights. When we finally reached the old part of the town, I was completely in love! Breathtaking traditional houses surrounded us as we walked through the beautiful streets full of crooks and crannies. When we reached the top of one of the cities mountains, we decided to rest in the shade and enjoy the stunning view. Eventually, we headed back to the city for a traditional Bulgarian lunch. We spent the afternoon walking through the old town, discovering lots of beautiful places. The beauty of Plovdiv completely transcended my expectations!

After some drinks in the evening and a visit to the Roman Theatre in the morning, it was time to leave the city and head back to Blagoevgrad. I easily could have spent another week in Plovdiv – the town offers so many amazing places to discover! Anyways, I am sure I will be back soon.


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