My trip to Veliko Tarnovo

My trip to Veliko Tarnovo

From 18th to 20th of May, I went to Veliko Tarnovo with Natasha, one of my closest friend in Blagoevgrad. I was looking forward to this trip because I wanted to discover more about Bulgaria and its amazing places. The time we spent in the bus seemed like an eternity because we were impatient to arrive in Veliko Tarnovo – after 5 hours of travel – to finally start our trip.

The first day, we explored the city at our own pace. We started our visit by a free walking tour, which enabled us to discover the main parts of the city, whilst learning interesting historical facts ! I was positively surprised by the center of the city, which is traditional  and beautiful. Nevertheless, it was quite weird because we were always searching for a central square, but we were told that there aren’t any. All the city is arranged vertically.

One of my favourite discovering, are the several spots from where you have an amazing view of the whole city. I could have spent many hours watching the bucolic landscapes offered by Veliko Ternovo. The second day, we went to the Fortress. Its size and architecture are impressive ! And it is also a good place to admire the city !

I like the atmosphere emanating from this city, I was really calm and relaxed during our trip. Veliko Tarnovo reminded me that I don’t need to be always in a rush and I could just take my time and enjoy the present moment. So far, it is one of my favourite city in Bulgaria. It’s definitely a city worth to visit and those passing by to Bulgaria should go there !


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