Portuguese intercultural night

Portuguese intercultural night

On 23rd of May, I organized an intercultural night on Chat Club about Portugal. I wanted to organize this event since a long time ago as I have always grown in this culture. And I had the feeling that people living in Bulgaria didn’t know a lot about Portugal. This was the perfect occasion to make them discover this country and its customs, which I am really proud !

I put a lot of effort into preparing this evening. I didn’t want to make only a presentation, I wanted them to discover Portuguese culture through several interesting activities. Most of the games where played in teams in order to enhance competition and interest. We played different activities focused on language, geography, culture and discovering of funny facts about Portugal. For example, we played a Quizz about Portuguese history and culture. According to people it was amusing but really difficult !

And so that the participation would be even more effective, I decided to offer a gift for the winning team, which was… a big bag of potatoes ! Original, isn’t it ? Well, after all in Portugal we use this ingredient in a lot of our dishes. Portuguese people love potatoes !

I was really surprised because I didn’t think there would be a lot of people as almost all of my friends went for holidays. Fortunately, Chat Club gathers all kind of people, may it be highschool pupils, volunteers, students and even Bulgarians ! In the end, there were many participants and they seem to have enjoyed this night. We all spent good time drinking, eating, chating and discovering about Portugal all together !

It was a  great experience to organize and present this event. For sure, I would like to prepare more Chat Clubs in the near future. I really like to see people having fun while participating in activities I created. 🙂

See you soon, with – I hope – another amazing anecdote


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