Movie Night

Movie Night

On 31th of January we organized Movie Night in the Chat Club. The main aim was a discussion about one of the big problems now in the world, bad sight of social network.

We watched an episode of the popular TV series “Black Mirror”, named White Bear. This episode starts with woman waking up having no memory where she is, or how she got there. She looks around the house, and all there is are the pictures of what seems to be her husband and child, and an unknown symbol on a TV screen. After making a decision to leave the house, she is quickly finding out that she is being chased by masked people while everybody else is filming her, but no one is helping. Whole episode is a journey of this woman trying to save her life without knowing why she is in this position. In the end of an episode, we find out that the reason for everything that happens to her is a punishment for her crimes. She and her fiance kidnapped a kid, which her fiance later killed, and the woman was recording everything with her phone. The society made a reality TV show with people who committed some type of crime, and the woman’s punishment was wiping the memory from her brain, and makes her relive everyday in fear, like the child that was killed.

We wanted to spark the conversation about this topic because we are starting to live in a digital age of human race, while it is good that the technology is improving rapidly, the people are becoming more and more like the technology that they are using, and less the human being that they are. Is it necessary for the society to enjoy watching someone else being tortured because of the bad decisions they made in their life? Have we become the viewers and recorders rather than the helpers? Are we so bombarded with the information’s that we cannot make the difference between what’s real and what’s not?

Other than that, the topic we also wanted to speak about is the punishment of the guilty ones. Is justice about punishing the guilty? Or protecting the innocent? Or is it about revenge for the crimes? Is adapting this type of punishment makes society worse that the actual people that committed the crime? Is this fair punishment or it’s inhuman? How can she realize that what she did was wrong, if everyday she wakes up she has no memory of what she has done? People seeking their revenge by making it a witch hunt? Is cruelty still cruelty if the person “deserved it”?

We wanted to speak about this and a lot of more questions are there to be asked about our morals and what we are doing to improve as a society. From this episode you can make a lot of conclusions, good or bad, so it was a good topic to talk about with the people. So many questions, with so many more answers can be found with this episode, so we are encouraging you to watch it and make your own conclusion about your personal beliefs and about what we as a society can do to make the world a better place.

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