English classes

English classes

When we arrived at Blagoevgrad, one of our first tasks to do as part of the organisation was to organize English lessons for high school kids. We went to National Humanitarian School “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” to speak with the headmaster if he would be interested in our suggestion. He was very interested and very helpful, and he even gave us one of the classrooms to work in. Next week we went to a couple of classrooms to speak with the kids, and to see if they would be interested in joining our classes. A lot of kids from different ages signed up for the classes, so we were ready to go!

We split the kids in two groups, because of their school schedule. Our aim for these classes was to help the kids to improve their speaking of English through different activities. A lot of kids can speak English today, but the problem is that they are insecure in their knowledge, so they are scared to speak it. We wanted to help them in that area, and also help them expand the vocabulary and learn English.

For our first class, most of the games we prepared were to getting to know the kids, and allow them to speak English freely. All of us were amazed by their knowledge and speaking of English language, and their willingness to participate in our course. We have two classes per week, so every week we try to come up with the different topic in order for them to enjoy every class. Our second class was more about the English language. We played different kind of games in order to practice speaking English, and they were very successful!

The kids are going on a Christmas holiday now, so we will continue with our classes next year. So far we are very happy with English courses, and we hope that the kids will continue to enjoy it!

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