Erasmus+ Volunteering On-arrival Training

Erasmus+ Volunteering On-arrival Training

We arrived to Sofia on Monday, 10th December for our Erasmus+ On-arrival training. After we put our luggage in our rooms, we went to conference room to meet other volunteers from all over Bulgaria. Trainers started our weekly activities with the plan for us to getting to know each other. Most of our daily activities were connected with information about volunteering and our rights as one, playing games, and summarising our impressions about everything that happened that day. The training was very well prepared, the information that we received from our trainers was very valuable, and every activity that we had was extremely helpful and enjoyable. Meeting other volunteers, hearing and comparing our stories about our experiences was really great motivation for further volunteering actions. We will take a lot from this training, all the information about volunteering and more, but the most important thing that we took with us home was friendships we made in Sofia. Although we all come from different countries and cultures, we really enjoyed spending time together and getting to know each other. When the training was over, all of us were very sad and happy at the same time, sad because it’s over and happy because we meet great people. We will take a lot from this experience, because we gained a better perspective about volunteering and also our personal development has really progressed with this training. Overall, this was a beautiful week for us; we are leaving Sofia satisfied and full of impressions, and we can’t wait to put to use the knowledge that we acquired, and continue with our volunteering more ready than ever!

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