Serbian night

Serbian night

This Thursday on 6th December, as part of the CHAT CLUB, we hosted an event named Serbian Night. Jovana and I prepared the presentation, to go along with traditional Serbian dancing and food. We had a lot of guests, most of them were volunteers, and the rest was locals. The presentation started with some basic information about our country, followed by with some history lessons. If they ever come to Serbia, we learned them some words that will help them communicate easier. After that, it was time for our traditional dance, so we played Uzicko kolo music and taught them the moves. The food that was made is named Proja, which is like a cornbread with cheese. We continued the presentation with some fun facts about Serbia, and for the end, we added a video about Serbian natural beauties. Both of us enjoyed doing this presentation, and we think the people also enjoyed it. After the presentation, we played quiz about Serbia, with winners getting some prizes. It was very fun doing that. When the presentation was definitely finished, we stayed for couple of hours more just talking. The overall experience was great, we shared our culture with other people who were interested in learning something about Serbia. We hope that in the future, we will have more international nights like this, because it seems people really enjoy it.

Until next time, greetings from Branko and Jovana!

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