Volunteers euni partners
Volunteers Euni Partners

Volunteers Euni Partners

Website of volunteers carrying out their volunteering in Blagoevgrad

What is our project ?

Volunteering 4 Solidarity The aim of this project is to empower young people with skills and competences, which will help them to strengthen their sense of citizenship, responsibility and initiative; improve their media literacy and...
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Who are we ?

We are taking part in the Erasmus+ Programme Project “Volunteering 4 Solidarity” for one year. We are Daniele from Italy, Maxime from France and Paula and Hauke from Germany. With this project, we hope to...
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Last Activities

Ivelina: a Bulgarian volunteer in Germany. An end of one incredible journey

My one-year ESC volunteering has come to an end. I had a year full of learning opportunities, realisations and plenty...
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My personal project

Hi guys! I wanted to present you my personal project today! For my personal project, I decided to create a...
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Seven months in Bulgaria

Hello everyone! I’m here today to talk about my experience here in Blagoevgrad and more precisely about my volunteering at...
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My experience in Bulgaria

Where to start? It is very complicated to express all that I have experienced in the past 12 months. Before...
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Summer-E Challenge

Hello everyone! Today I am here to present one of our recent events, the Summer-E Challenge about Soft Skills, specifically...
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My ESC project in Bulgaria

Hello, I am Daniele, I am 22 years old, and at the end of July 2022, I will end my...
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