Trip to Bucharest

Last weekend we decided to visit the northern neighbour of Bulgaria, Romania. On Friday evening Maxime and I took a night bus from Sofia to Bucharest and after around six hours we arrived there, a bit exhausted and sleepy. On this first day, we mostly discovered the city with the …

Escape room

Hello everyone, I am writing this article about our project regarding the creation of an Escape room within the europe for Citizens project REscEU: What would be Europe without EU. We started its creation in September 2021 but unfortunately with the Covid-19 we had to put it on hold. Few …

Chat Club – 3 Tips about Public Speaking

Hi guys!

The last Monday, on 31st of January, we delivered another chatclub about public speaking, and it was a success!

We had to understand the basic knowledge of public speaking all together through an interactive presentation, and after that, we had some games which involved the participants some more, encouraging them to speak in front of the people and put into practice what they just learned.

At the end of the activities, people were enthusiastic, and yet we believe that the next events are going to improve always more!

So, if you have not come yet, make sure to come here next Monday, to our Office in Ivan Mihailov street n°2, at 19:30.

See you soon!


Hello everyone, Today I will speak about our previous Debate “Should we all become vegetarian?”Between us volunteers, we already had a lot of times debates about food.So we decided to have an event for debating this subject.For a few days, Hauke and Daniele prepared this discussion. On Monday at 7:30 …

A recap of my 5 months here

My time here is coming to an end. So let’s recap my five months in Blagoevgrad. Arriving in August, the other volunteers and I were not only confronted with high temperatures but also with a culture shock. It was not my first time in Bulgaria. Therefore, I knew what I …