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Euni Partners is a non-governmental organization, which aim is to incite and spread the cooperation among the institutions, educational organizations, business and academia.

The main activities of the Association are youth, education and training. Its current activities are focused on the development of soft and transversal competencies and skills through training courses, informal education, methods and tools development.

Some activities of Association:

  • work in partnership with several schools and universities in Bulgaria and offer career – orientation support and professional training.
  • organize series of cultural exchanges with different target groups and with different institutional partners.
  • work in partnership with universities and schools in Bulgaria, aiming to improve the quality of education and training in accordance with the needs of the labour market.
  • work in close partnership with local cultural, artistic and educational institutions, tourism services providers, youth and non-governmental organizations
  • work in close partnership with organizations, institutions and professionals from all over Europe, aiming at encouraging the international cooperation in the fields of science and education, culture and arts, tourism and sustainable development, etc.

Euni Partners has over 80 members from different professional backgrounds, including education and training, academia, media and new technologies; NGOs….