Article about my personal project – Maxime

Article about my personal project – Maxime

Hello everyone today I will talk about my personal project, why I decided to do it and explain how it went.

My personal project is to make a video about different cities in Bulgaria. I want to show people a historical place, a restaurant, a bar, a park, and a good place to watch the sunset in every city.

In my project, there are four videos. Two of them are in French and two in English because I would like to share my travel with my French friends and my English Friends, it was also easier for me to split the video into two parts

Why did I do this project?

I would like to discover solo travelling because I never had the chance before to do it. It was also a good opportunity to film my trip and share it with people.

How it went?

-First I started my travel in Veliko Tarnovo, it’s a really beautiful city with a long history and an amazing old town.

I went to the Tsarevets fortress, the “Trapezitsa” fortress, spend hours in the park “Sveta Gora” and finished my day in a typical Bulgarian restaurant called “Tihiyakut”

-On my second trip I went to Varna. Unfortunately, the weather was not that good but I still visited all the places, I wanted to.

I started my day by visiting a historical monument called “The Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship”. Afterwards, I went to the “Primorski-Park” next to the sea and found a good restaurant called “Chuchura”. I finished my day in the bar called Cubo.

-My third trip then brought me to Burgas.

I visited two museums, went to an amazing restaurant called “Bali Island” and spent a lot of time at the beach

-To finish my trip I visited Plovdiv (My favourite city in Bulgaria)

I spent two days in Plovdiv.

For the historic place, I recommend the old town because it is really beautiful. Then for the park, you should visit the “Tsar Simeon Garden” which is close to the centre and really nice to rest if you like me had a hot day…

For the sunset, I invite you to go to one of the six hills (But the best one is “Nebet Tepe” which is located in the old town)

To conclude

After all my trips, I now needed to make the videos about each city. It was a perfect experience for me because I had already made a few videos in my life but never this type of video. I really enjoyed doing it because seeing other things is always good and I also could improve my knowledge about video editing.

I learned a lot of things during this experience, like how to organize travel, manage money during the trip and improve my skills in video editing even more.

I’m really happy to finish my project and to see the final result!

The link to the videos –> #1 Veliko Tarnovo [French] #2 Varna [English] #3 Burgas [French] #4 Plovdiv [English]

In the end, I also want to say thank you very much for this opportunity I had here funded by the European Solidarity Corps and also for the support of my organisation Euni Partners.


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