Hello everyone,

Today I will speak about our previous Debate “Should we all become vegetarian?”
Between us volunteers, we already had a lot of times debates about food.
So we decided to have an event for debating this subject.
For a few days, Hauke and Daniele prepared this discussion. On Monday at 7:30 pm the event began with spectators.
We were 9 people, it was a really good experience for us volunteers and also for our spectators.
All people during this event were able to participate and be involved. They found ways to improve their knowledge and to give their point of view.
The aim of this event was also to talk about a serious subject and reflect together with other people about it.
At the end of the debate, we evaluated the argument, posture and we opened up the discussion to all people in the event.
It was really nice to hear different points of view and debate all together about a subject, that is so important.

I hope everything had a good evening, learned a lot and maybe even changed their point of view about this subject.
Thank you for reading and also thank you to the participants who came.

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