REscEU Escape Room – What would life be without the EU?

On the 21st of September, we presented our concept for the Project “REscEU”. After we were thinking, discussing and planning for almost two weeks we finally came up with a concept, with which everyone was satisfied. The Project “REscEU”, also called “Escape Room – what would life be without the EU?”, is aiming to improve the knowledge and awareness of youngsters about the European Union and through this tackle Euroscepticism. To achieve these aims we are creating an escape room, which small groups of 6 to 8 youngsters will be able to solve. On the way through the different puzzles, they will learn more about different topics concerning the EU like free Travel, environment or democracy, and also will hopefully have a lot of fun.
The scenario of the Escape Room takes place in a not so distant future, in which several countries already decided to leave the EU and several others are wanting to hold referendums about this decision. The participants are tasked to gather information to convince the people in these countries to remain in the EU and save the European Union. For the Escape room we came up with 7 puzzles, each puzzle is situated in a different topic, which ranges from Democracy to Geography. Also, we will include some acting performances in the overall experience of the Escape Room.
The biggest difficulty we probably faced, was unifying all the different ideas in the concept and connecting everything, to get a self-contained experience for the participants. Especially the time management inside the escape room was very challenging for us to predict and is probably something we can finalize after a test run, together with a few other things. After we presented our concept and got feedback from the rest of the Office, our next tasks are now to build the Escape Room up and start then with test runs. We all worked very enthusiastic on this project and are looking forward to playing it with different participants in the future.

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