For our first trip outside Blagoevgrad, we decided to go to Rila Monastery and in order to do that, we needed a bus. So, we went to the bus station and waited for our bus to arrive.

When the bus arrived, we went inside it and paid for the tickets. At that moment we realized that the bus driver robbed us. The price for one ticket was only 2 Leva, but the driver asked us to pay much more than that. We were 4 people and instead of paying 8 Leva, we paid 26 leva. 

So, we started to complain and asked him to give us the money back. The bus driver refused to admit what he did all the time until a woman helped us and then we managed to receive 10 leva back. In the end, the driver kept 16 leva (double the right price), but we reduced the loss.

So, the moral of the story is: Do not be naive when you visit a new country. 

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